About Us

Dad Life and Helping Others

   Ferris Bueller said it best... "Life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."  We are a group of Dads who love our families, the game of golf, over-the-top events and helping others.  The tournament started in 2021 with 16 of us bored from Covid and we figured having a Father's Day themed golf tournament would be an easier way to get a hall pass to play on a weekend.  So, we mounted some beautiful New Balances to trophies had a few drinks and had a blast.  The next year, we setout for 40 players, and to our great surprise, we filled within a week or so.  We added additional elements and production and it was again, a great time.  We also added a philanthropy element in 2022 with all the extras (mulligans, etc.) where we were able to raise nearly $2,000.   

    The tournament is about having a great time with friends and people you don't know.  You don't need to be a Dad to join the tournament field, but you must be awesome.  Being able to use a flatbed cart at Home Depot, keeping an eye on the thermostat, complaining that the smallest deviation will "cost a furtune," will certainly help you fit-in amongst the rest.  2023 will be the best year yet with bigger prizes and surprises including shots of Codigo premium tequila on the course and so much more.              

    So here we are in year three, and we could not be more excited at the response of Dad Shoe Golf.  So, join us as we have a great day of competitive golf, great times, for a tremendous cause.  All the proceeds will go to Normandie Reimagined, which is a truly great project that will positively impact many people in the area.  Our goal for the Invitational is simple, to host a great event, that surpasses expectations while helping others at the same time.  We aren't looking to make a profit,but we are looking to make a difference... to be fair, The Committee does have hope (maybe false) that we will be able to play for the opening tournament of Normandy with Jack Nicklaus, who is redesigning the course.  However, if this doesn't materialize, it'll save us a few TP5s and that's ok too.