Meet the Committee

Jon - The Founding Father

As a child growing-up on the mean streets of Chesterfield, Missouri, founding father, Jon had dreams of orchestrating a heralded event, which would one day unify the masses.  This dream had started as a small spark, which, over time would build into a healthy fire to the likes of which nobody had ever seen.  Many, many years of toil, planning and questionable choices would lead to what would eventually become the Dad Shoe Invitational.  An event where participants will arrive from over three counties, which span two states to battle for the coveted, Brown’s NB Trophy.


At age 13, our tournament founder would watch the Arkansas Bomber, John Daly hoist the Wanamaker Trophy after winning the 1991 PGA Championship.  The thrill of victory as seen through Daly’s slight smile from his crustache-adorned face said it all…  Golf needs another championship that would produce such a moment.  A moment of epic proportions where a champion would proudly represent the great people of the Midwest.  


In an era of hyper-partisanship, strife, runaway inflation, and rampant crime, the world needs an event like the Dad Shoe Invitational.  An event where golfers of mostly the same socio-economic background, voting patterns, level of education, language(s) spoken, appreciation of craft beer and bourbon, music preference, and appreciation of Joe Rogan can set aside their differences and come together to make a difference for others.  The world needs more moments like Daly lighting up a heater after taking the championship, not less.  So, the committee presents to you, a piece of history.  Someday, when sharing the story of the tournament with your grandkids, and your grandkids retelling this to your great-great-great grandkids, you will nod in thanks to the Founding Father, as well you should.

Benjamin -Chief Marketing Officer

Benjamin  was born across the Missouri River from St. Louis, in the extreme western suburbs of St. Charles County. A son of a middle school intramural golf instructor turned high-school girls golf coach. It is safe to say, golf has been running through his veins since before he could hold a club. 


In his impressionable years of his teens and early twenties, he watched Tiger Woods break out to become one of the greatest golfers to ever step foot on a course. He watched as Tiger slid on that green jacket and felt the 100% single-farm hand-spun wool against his skin for the first time. Then just two short years later he would witness Tiger hoist the Wanamaker Trophy and watch as he studied the patina of its storied past for the first time. Ben knew there was something enigmatic about this game. Something greater than 14 clubs and a ball (plus a few breakfast balls).


In mid-2021 Ben was approached to join the committee of the Dad Shoe. Forced to balance the responsibilities of being a devoted husband and father with his new demanding duties to a committee that held such prestige and mystique. Such a commitment would prove to test the very soul of his being. He was bestowed the honor to shape the brand identity of the Dad Shoe. A mark that would be examined under a microscope and scrutinized for generations. A mark that would be expected to unify on a deep and metaphysical level, people from all walks of life and religious backgrounds. A mark that must overpower political divides and bring people together for the greater good. A task that almost proved too big of a cross to bear. Many sleepless nights were spent searching for inspiration through history at such storied events as the Masters. Its striking yet oddly drawn map of the continental United States, with a hole and pin flag marking the location of the hallowed grounds of Augusta National, has evolved to become one of the most distinctive marks of all time. He drew inspiration from that culminating moment in 1997, when he witnessed the presentation of the Green Jacket to a young Tiger Woods. Not knowing where his imagination would lead him, he began his quest. Working tirelessly behind closed doors, only emerging for basic life-sustaining needs, until finally, his magnum opus was complete. The result is a mark with a refined color palette that borrows hues from our country’s beloved stars and stripes that speaks to the patriotism of the participants. A mark that embodies a fellowship that is somehow both presumptuous and humble at the same time. It evokes a certain air of esteem that will no doubt elevate the Dad Shoe to an institution that will rival the likes of the Masters.

Kurt -Chief Dad Shoe Officer

It would be Washington High School, not the exclusive St. Francis Borgia Regional High School where Kurt would earn his High School diploma.  However, Kurt spent time at SFBRHS where he would come to understand exclusivity, honor and prestige.  These concepts would follow him years later as The Chief Dad Shoe Officer for the institution of the Dad Shoe Invitational.


As a standout-ish athlete at Fontbonne University (FU), this experience would allow the athletic prowess needed to compete at the highest levels of NAIA caliber college play.  While accomplishment on the court may have proven limited, Kurt’s role of a spiritual leader made an indelible impression.   In fact, this impression is literally his ass cheek, which is still imprinted in the second to last cushioned chair on the FU bench.   Kurt yelling FU while compacting the commercial grade cushion of the chair would not only help his team, but also help him into the future.  This experience would provide the backdrop many years later at Birch Creek Golf Club in the lesser regarded, Franklin County city of Union.  Kurt’s enthusiasm and commitment to the tournament has made him a welcomed addition to the esteemed Committee.  Additionally, his ability to source 624 New Balance shoes has aided to take him to the top of the food chain.  


On the morning of the tournament, Kurt will back his Yukon XL into a spot at the course and set out with a mission to compete for a trophy that bares his name, his family, and his business.  The winners will be drinking the ceremonial Busch heavy from the trophy, but they will really be drinking from the excellence that is Kurt..